On Saturday, October 25, 2014, the Taffy 3 task force survivors held a memorial service on the flight deck of the USS Midway in San Diego, CA to honor the men who fought in the great sea battle in the Pacific during WWII known as The Battle off Samar.  This was their 70th Reunion.  I had the honor of coordinating the presentation of 55 Quilts of Valor to the attending survivors.  Commander Tom Lettington (retired) gave an introduction about the Quilts of Valor Foundation then spoke about the ships involved in the battle.  As he read the names of the attending veterans, 12 Midshipmen from the Naval Academy presented a quilt to each veteran.  The Midshipmen, along with their instructor, Lt. John Katz, had been at the reunion to interview the veterans thereby preserving the history of the battle and the brave men who fought in it.  The press release, Union Tribune article and pictures of the event are shown below.  It was a very memorable event that I will never forget.

Please note, the number of attending survivors is different in each article below because we started out thinking 36 veterans were going to attend, but the number kept growing.  In total, 55 veterans were present and six more quilts have been sent by mail to survivors who weren't able to attend the event.  We were happy to be able to award all the veterans with a well-deserved Quilt of Valor.  I want to thank all the Quilts of Valor quilters who helped make this presentation possible.

WWII Taffy 3 Task Force Veterans Reunion

San Diego - â€‹October 2014