I walked the Komen 3-Day 60 Mile walk in San Diego in 2003 and 2010 and decided to turn the t-shirts from those events into this quilt so I could save the memories.  I used the same size blocks in this quilt to make it square and even used the writing on the sleeves of one shirt to make the center block in the bottom row.
This is my Padres Memories quilt I made for myself!  This quilt is 82 x 88 and on the back incorporates the team flag along with scanned and printed photos of the World Series book cover and Tony Gwynn memorabilia.  The bottom row on the back also has two commemorative World Series / Division Champions "towels" given away at the final games. I attended the 3rd game of the World Series against the Yankees in '98 held in San Diego and even though the Padres lost, the fan spirit was exhilarating!
Go Padres!!
I only had a few t-shirts to work with for this quilt so I made the extra blocks to fill the space between the columns.

The block in the upper right is made up of 9 logos from the t-shirts.
I am no longer making t-shirt quilts but please feel free to use the pictures below
as inspiration for the quilts you have made by another quilter.

Below are pictures of t-shirt quilts I have made for my customers.

T-Shirt Quilts