Below are some close ups of the quilting.  I ran the stitching lines at an angle from the outer corners into the center where the four blue hearts meet in the middle of the quilt forming four quadrants.
My maternal Grandmother hand appliqued these hearts onto muslin in the 1930's.  The blocks originally had 4 hearts pointing into the center of one large block.  Many years ago I cut the large blocks into individual segments and sorted them into color families.  The heart fabrics are old and fragile so this quilt only hangs on the wall or on the quilt display rack.  I chose this color family first because I love blue.  It is twin size and hand quilted.
My grandmother passed away before I was born so it means a lot to me to have this little piece of her.

"Grandma's Blue Hearts" is pictured below on my quilt rack.  This is the rack I used for hand quilting my projects prior to 2004.  
This beautiful Double Wedding Ring quilt was pieced by hand by my ex-husband's Grandmother in Indiana. This was the very first quilt I hand quilted so the design is very simple and the stitches are not that great - but it was a labor of love done on an oval hoop.  I quilted it while living and working in Chicago in the mid 1980's.  It will be given to my daughter.
I call this quilt "Circa 1960".  The top was given to me by a family friend who did not know exactly when it was made.  I guessed around the 60's because of the types and colors of the fabrics.  It is all hand pieced and I was pleased to be able to complete the quilt to honor the quilter who made it.  It measures 64 x 80.
This is a dresser scarf that had been hand embroidered.  I added a backing and batting then
quilted around the embroidery work and added a little in the embroidery work itself to hold it down.  
This piece started out as what in Texas they call a "summer blanket".  The State birds and flowers were embroidered onto muslin squares which were then sewn together with the seams covered in embroidery stitches.  The work is exquisite!  There are only 48 blocks so this was completed prior to Hawaii and Alaska becoming states.  The family estimates the work was finished sometime in the early 1950's.

The original piece fit the top of a twin bed and a gathered 'skirt' had been added.  Unfortunately, I was unable to remove the 'skirt' without losing the outer embroidered edge.  I added the green border, quilted feathers in the border, stippled around each motif and added a hanging sleeve to the back.  A personalized label was added so the construction information would not be lost as it is passed on through the family.  Now it can be enjoyed by future generations.  The slideshow below shows close up shots of the embroidery work - I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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