Quilting cost is determined on a per square inch configuration (see note below).  Prices range from 1.7 cents to 5 cents per square inch and is determined by the type of quilting you choose.  All my work is free motion - no computerized stitching which makes it easy for me to work around applique.  

Various simpler patterns include meandering, swirls and spirals, then moves into flowers, leaves and light feathers.  Custom work includes individual block designs, quilting around appliques, feathers in the main design, accent stippling and various, multiple border designs.  

Several examples of my quilting are show on this page.  I plan the quilting style with my customers based on their quilt top design and the effect they want to achieve.  My customers put a lot of work into their tops and I want the quilting to enhance, but not overwhelm, their work.

Optional Binding Service:  The binding is sewn by machine to the back of the quilt, wrapped to the front and top stitched close to the edge of the binding making a nice finished edge.  (I do not offer hand stitched binding but for an additional fee will sew your binding on the top of your quilt for you to finish by hand.)  Please contact me with any questions you might have.


Note:  total square inches = length x width of quilt top

Longarm Quilting Services and Samples