Presentation to Manuel Granillo, Jr., CWO-4, US Navy (retired).  Manny served on numerous ships during his 31 year career in the Navy and served one year in-country in Vietnam.  Manny retired from the Navy in 1993.  
Quilt made by Diana Foster.
Presentation on July 19, 2015 to Edward S. Fletcher, Colonel, US Marine Corps (Retired) who attended Officer Candidate Training School and served in the 4th Tank Battalion.  Retired from the Corps in 1991 after serving for over 20 years.  Quilt made by Annie Mitchell.
"Thank you for your service"

Anthony Gringeri
USS Johnston
Taffy 3 - WWII
Purple Heart Recipient

E. Royce Williams
Captain, US Navy
Fighter Pilot - WWII,
Korea and Vietnam

Carl Amundson
Seaman 1st Class
USS Gambier Bay
Taffy 3 - WWII

Jack Yusen
USS Roberts
Taffy 3 - WWII

This is Tim Garver - a good friend of mine from Indiana.  Tim was in Vietnam in 1967 - 68 and is now unfortunately suffering from the effects of Agent Orange.  I was honored to present him with a Quilt of Valor in October 2013.

    Quilt made by Beverly Tyner and quilted by me.​​
This is Mr. Alexander (Chick) Zuckerman, MM 2/C who served during WWII on the USS Gambier Bay in the Taffy 3 task force.  Al was unable to attend the reunion event in San Diego in October 2014 so we gladly mailed his quilt to Paula Grond, President of the USS Gambier Bay Association, so she could award it to him at his birthday celebration in April 2015. Paula is pictured with Al in the upper right picture and his daughter Helene is in the bottom right picture.  Quilt made by Cheryl Atkiss.
I had the honor of awarding this quilt made by Cheryl Adams to WWII Navy Veteran John Dunmire and his wife Helen on the USS Midway on Memorial Day, 2015.  Mr. Dunmire served as a Motor Machinist Mate 2nd Class.  Shown in the lower right corner picture with me and the Dunmires' is Vietnam veteran Jerry Halfman who met Mr. Dunmire at the San Diego Blood Bank where Mr. Dunmire has been a volunteer for over 18 years. What a delightful couple - and thank you for your service, Sir!
Awarded to Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Bradley, US Army, Recruiter and Center Commander in the Southern CA Recruiting Battalion.  Sgt. Bradley joined the Army in 2003.  Quilt made by Jean Nagy and Lee Olson.
Presented to Captain Aaron Stark, US Army, by 1st Lt. Kevin Lown, son of Lynne Lown (QOVMM member).  Captain Stark graduated from West Point in 2007 and commissioned as a 2nd Lt.  He is an Apache Pilot, Pilot in Command and has been awarded 2 Bronze Stars, 3 Air Medals and a Combat Action Badge.  Quilt made by Lynne Lown.
TSgt. Colleen McBride, US Air Force (retired).  Quilt awarded in honor of her service, her father's service (20 years in the Air Force) and also her husband, Craig Newman who is currently serving in the Air Force.  Quilt made by Kay Lettington.
Awarded in April 2015 to George Legath, former Navy MM 2/C who served on the USS Gambier Bay in WWII.  Mr. Legath was unable to attend the Taffy 3 Reunion in San Diego so we mailed his quilt to him.  Quilt made by Annie Mitchell.
SSGT Frank Keffer receiving his Quilt of Valor in July 2014 from Kaye Allen in Northern CA.  Love the smile!  This quilt was made by Kaye.
Awarded in honor of Cpl. James Sidenbender (deceased) who served in the Marine Corps for 8 years.  He was assigned to Camp Pendleton Special Services, 1st Marine Division and 5th Marine Division Ready Reserve. During his service was awarded a Silver Star and a Purple Heart.  Mr. Sidenbender is buried at Quantico National Cemetery.  The quilt was presented to Brett Sidenbender in honor of his father.  Brett also served in the Marine Corps and is a friend of my daughter, Becky who requested the quilt for him.  Brett then gave the quilt to his mother.  Quilt made by Paula DeBore. 
Presentation on May 3, 2015 to Barbara Simons, wife of Yale Simons (deceased), 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army during WWII.  Lt. Simons served in the Armored Division as a Tank Commander and received a Silver Star and Purple Heart.  Quilt made by Stephanie Leuthesser.
Whenever possible we like to award Quilts of Valor in person but we often mail the quilts to the recipients.  However the quilt is presented, we know it is appreciated by the recipient and their family.

Quilts of Valor Presentations